Exploring Our Own Lives

by Emma Lynn and Katie
Our class listened to a book on tape of the Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs by Betty G. Birney. It was about a boy named Eben. He had been learning about the Seven Wonders of the World. His dad said if he found the Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs he would get to go on a train to Colarado. Eben learned that there are wonders everywhere. Our teacher, Mrs O’Brien, told us to go home and explore our lives to find our own wonder and tell how it is special to us.

My BrotherSteven026.jpg
by Steven

My little bother is part of my family. I wanted a little brother and then I prayed to God and I got a little brother. My brother is important to me. I like to play with him. I like John because I felt lonely before he was born. He is my favorite brother.

by Reece

My wonder is my dog Daisy. Daisy loves people especially Kenny, Trentin, and me. Daisy likes to wrestle and she’s playful. I hope I get to keep Daisy when I get older. Daisy sleeps with me at night. She lays on my other pillow. People give her a hot dog every time they come out of the meat store next door. I give Daisy a bone or a hot dog as a treat. Daisy loves bones. Every day Daisy runs after me on my bike or my scooter. Daisy and I run in the back yard. I love my dog Daisy.

My WonderJohn025.jpg
by John
My wonder is a Grandfather clock. I know that it is very old. It was my Grandfather’s clock. I wonder when it was made? I liked when it chimed 12:00 in the afternoon. It is not my clock it is my Mom’s clock that she got it from my Grandfather. It is not completely put togther so it does not work. I like the Grandfather clock because it looks good.

My Wonder, The Moonbridget021.jpg
By Bridget

My wonder is the moon. The moon comes out at night. It orbits the Earth and it is smaller than the Earth. The sun shines on the moon and makes it glow in the sky I have one question, why does the moon seem to follow me where ever I go? My wonder is important to me because it makes me feel happy when I see it. I take care of the moon by saying Hi to it. My family told me that I have always liked looking at the moon.

Nathan’s Wondernathan022.jpg
by Nathan
My wonder is my Mom ‘s earring . We only have one earring. I don’t know what happend to the other one. The earring is a bird. It look like a turtledove or a pigeon. My Nana gave it to my mom. It is special because I don’t see Nana a lot. This earring is a wonder to me.

My DogMJ016.jpg
by Mary-Jane
My wonder is my dog Kona. He is a boy dog and he’s five years old. I wonder who his parents were? He’s a all American Pit Bull. He’s a friendly dog and he doesn’t bite. I walk him after school and before karata. Kona sleeps in my mom’s and dad’s room in his own bed. I play with Kona to keep him company. When he does something bad he rolls his eyes and hides. When he doesn’t have attention he nudges me and he rolls over and barks. I love my dog Kona.

by Kenny

Last year I got my dog Bruin but I do not now where we got him. I don’t now how old he is but he is a puppy. He is named after the Boston Bruins, my favorite hockey team. I love him so much. I love to play with him. My dog goes hunting with my step-dad. Bruin has a toy duckey. My brother and I say he killed his toy duckey because he played with it so rough he ripped the toy’s head off. I always will have fun with my dog Bruin.

My Wonderskyler017.jpg
by Skyler
When I was a baby I got my dog. We named her Jenna. Jenna is playful, nice, and good. She is house trained which means she listens to rules. I would like to know how dogs are house trained. Some of my jobs are to feed Jenna and get her ready for bed. She has to wear a housecoat so that she is warm and doesn’t wake us up in the night. Jenna is my wonder because she has been part of my family my whole life.

My Wonderkatie_img012.jpg
by Katie
My wonder is my kitten Cole. I got my kitten for Christmas from my parents. First my brother and I opened a bag with kitten food in it and we were confused. Then my dad broght in a box with the kitten in it. My brother and I named him Cole because he is black. Cole is so special to me because he loves to play with me and sleep on my lap. If I had my kitten taken away I would be very sad and lonely.

My WondersIMG_1321.jpg
by Maggie

When I was six years old I got my first American Girl doll. Her name was Mia. I got her for Christms from my Gramma. I got one when I was seven too! She was from my gramma to her name was Chrissa. When I was eight I got one again. She was from my gramma too! her name is Abi. Abi is a look alike doll. A look alike doll is when you go on the computer and make a doll that looks like you. I didn’t make mine my gramma did. I have a lot of clothes and accessories like sunglasses, snorkles, hats, sandles, and more. I love my American Girl dolls.

My Wonderjack015.jpg
by Jack
My wonder is a picture of my family. It has most of my family in it that are on my Mom’ s side. We keep it on a shelf but we don’t have a stand! I don’t know what happend to the stand. We take care of it by cleaning it every other weekend. It was taken the year before I was born. That was in 2000. This picture is important to me because it has all my family in it.

My Wonder
by Collin
My piano is special to me because my mom learned to play when she was little and now I’m learning to play. My grandparents bought the piano from a man that lived in Turner. When my grandparents were driving home with it the top fell off and they had to get it back. We have a guy that tunes it and my mom sometimes dusts it . My piano is really special to me because my brother and I are both learning to play.

My WonderIMG_1310.jpg
by Emma

My wonder is my American Girl Doll. It got passed down to me from my cousin Krista. Krista got the doll when she was eight years old. My American Girl Doll’s name is Samantha. She is very special to me because I have always wanted an American Girl Doll. I love to with play with Samantha. I dress her up, brush her hair, and we go on the American Girl Doll website. She loves when I brush her hair, she looks like she is soothed and calm. I love my American Girl Doll.

My Own Wonderbriar024.jpg
by Briar
My wonder is my DS. It is very special because I wanted a silver DS. My DS was preowned and at Radio Shack. My mom and dad bought it for me. It was a Christmas gift. My favorite games are Transformer and Tony Hawk. I am very glad that I got my DS.

My Wonderpatrick018.jpg
by Patrick
My wonder is my Gerry Cheevers mask because he was the best goalie in the world. Gerry Cheevers played on the Bosten Bruins in the 1970’s. I want to know when he started playing hockey. I take care of the mask by keeping it away from people. He put a stich mark on his mask every time he got hit in the face. It is important to me because I play hockey and used to be a goalie.

My Wondermadiline019.jpg
by Madeline

My wonder is my real gold necklace, I have had it ever since I was born! I wish I could know where my mom got my necklace. This wonder is important because it is a fragile keep-sake and I love it. This necklace also has my December birthstone on a golden teddy bear’s chest. I take care of my necklace by putting it in a safe place in my house where no one can find it. I love my wonder which is my real gold necklace!

My WonderIMG_1312.jpg
by Jadyn
Whan I was five yeres old I got my first Webkinz. My Webkinz name is Piggles. Piggles is very old he is 4 years old. Piggles was around since I was in kindergarten. I take good care of Piggles because
when he lost an ear I had to sew his ear back on. When I got lice I had to put all of my toys that had hair, including Piggles, in a big plastic bag and put them up in the attic. I missed Piggles so much. A few weeks later my lice were gone. I got to get all of my toys back down. I looked in the bag for Piggles first. After that I brought Piggles to school. Since Piggles is a Webkinz I can put him on the computer. I can buy him clothes, food, and furniture. Piggles has his own room on the computer. I love Piggles so much.

My Wonderemma_lynn014.jpg
by Emma Lynn

My wonder is the three cabin owns and we go to every summer. My Gampy was in 5th grade when he built the cabins! Back then there was a lot more people than today. Now there is only a little bit of cabins on the whole entire lake. That lake is called Pocomoonshine Lake. It is also very peaceful there when the stars come out with the loons. We sit on our screen porch. It is screen so the mosquitos can not get in. Especially because they are out a lot at night. In the day time we have a lot of fun! My favorite is swimming and painting rocks. When I swim I love to jump off the swim float. It is a lot of fun! We also do a lot of fishing. We catch bass, picerel, white perch and yellow perch. Somtimes my dad makes the best fish sticks ever! He uses white perch to make them. Yum,Yum,Yum! Sometimes we have a picnic for lunch. Other times we eat in the cabin. It is very cozy in there. There is a kitchen, a bathroom, 3 bedrooms, a dining room, a tiny living room and a screen porch. My Mimi and Gampy live 3/4 of a mile away from the cabins. I really, really love the cabins on Pocomoonshine Lake. I hope it is summer soon!