Boldly Exploring New Ideas

What do you think of when you think of an explorer? Someone who is brave and explores new lands? Or do you think of someone who tries something new? Explorers are not just people who are brave enough to go on dangerous missions, they are also innovators- someone who tries something new. Everyone can be an innovator if they work hard to succeed at something new.

A Conversation with Galileo and Neil Armstrong

Explorer Voice Threads

Voki Explorers and Inventors

A Journey of a LifetimeScreenHunter_01_Mar._04_16.53.jpg

Click on the link below to experience a journey of a lifetime through this Choose Your Own Adventure Story! Open the powerpoint and click the hyperlink buttons to begin choosing what you will do during the journey of YOUR lifetime!

Two Explorers Take Time for a Talk

What would it be like if George Washington and Neil Armstrong had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation? This is what we think is would hae been like. To view our video interview click on the link below:

Washington and Armstrong Video

Podcast Interviews

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Are YOU a True Explorer?

Does your mind fill with adventurous ideas? Or do you like to stay at a safe haven? Take this neat quiz to find out if YOU are a true explorer!

Are YOU an explorer


Internet Mystery

This is an interesting mystery where even the smallest clues mean a lot. Read the mystery and find the wrrors in each of the suspect's interviews. Put those clues you gather together to solve the mystery. After you think you've fingured out who is guilty, click on the solution to check your sleuthing powers. Will YOU solve the crime? Good luck!

Jigsaw Puzzles

The third grade class discovered inventors and inventions related to weather.

Anemonmeter Puzzle ScreenHunter_03_Mar._24_15.44.gif

All about the Anemometer
An anemometer is a device used for measuring wind speed. Leon Battista created the anemometer. The first anemometer was built in Italy in 1450. It helps weather by figuring out the pattern of wind speed.
Rain gauge Puzzle ScreenHunter_04_Mar._24_15.50.gif

All about Rain Gauges
A rain gauge measures rain. It has an outer cylinder which has numbers that measure the rain in inches. It was made in 1418 in Korea by Christopher Wren. A rain gauge is also a type of instrument used by meteorologists and hydrologists
Anemonmeter Puzzle ScreenHunter_05_Mar._24_15.57.gif

The Barometer
Evangelesta Torrcili invented the barometer. He invented it by gluing two plastic tubes to a water column (35 ft.).The barometer is used for measuring the humidity. The barometer is important to me because we couldn’t measure the temperature of the humidity. The year the barometer was invented was 1644.
Thermometer Puzzle ScreenHunter_06_Mar._24_15.59.gif
All About the Thermometer
The thermometer was invented by Galileo Galilei. Galileo was from Italy. It was invented in Italy then England. The thermometer was made in Italy in 1593. Daniel Gabriel invented the term Fahrenheit. The word Celsius was named after Andrew Celsius. A thermometer is used to show the hotness and coldness of the air.
Clouds Puzzle ScreenHunter_07_Mar._24_16.01.gif
Four Types of Clouds
In 1803 Luke Howard develoved a cloud classification system that is still used today.

Voki Inventors

Montgomery and Huntsville’s Temperatures
My chart shows what the weather was like in Montgomery and Huntsville in January. I did Montgomery and my friend did Huntsville. It shows the high temperatures. Click on the link below and then click on preview to see our weather chart.

Mobile’s Weather
My graph shows Mobile’s weather. It shows the low temperatures of Mobile. I did a bar graph on it. It shows February’s low temperatures. This is what my bar graph of Mobile shows. Click on the link below and then click on preveiw to see our weather chart.